Ride together + Live free

Cody Rian Tabor Sipes was born on March 31, 1994 in Klamath Falls, OR. He grew up loving the outdoors, hunting, fishing and a fascination with anything on wheels. He was creative, mechanically inclined, could sleep anywhere and loved life.

His first bike was a little Honda Trail 50. He proceeded to build jumps and jump that little bike even though his dad repeatedly told him, ”it’s just a trail bike.” That bike started his passion for motocross. He started racing and enjoyed all aspects about it. He progressed through different bikes as he grew older. He learned how to ride and how to ride faster. He was always pushing himself to be better and faster. He also learned how to work on his bikes. He loved everything about motocross – racing, watching racing, working on his bike, working on his friends’ bikes, building tracks and encouraging young riders. He built a track at home at the back of the property by the river. If he missed a jump he would land in the river on one side or in the barb wire fence on the other. Needless to say he didn’t miss!

Cody was loved by young and old. His family is amazed at how many people Cody touched in his 22 years. Friends of Cody’s started organizing the 1st Annual Cody Sipes Memorial Race within days of his passing. His family and friends want to keep his name alive and to put on future quality races for both riders and fans.